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NACC Curriculum Development
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Professional Curriculum Built by Trained Attorney-Educators

How many legal trainings have you attended that were some combination of a PowerPoint, a lecturer, and (maybe) a handout? It’s time to expect more from your professional development program.


At the NACC, we pride ourselves on understanding both legal content and the learning process. Our staff consists of attorneys and educators trained in adult learning theory, curriculum design, and active instruction. Courses are designed to go beyond retention of information and produce actual changes in behavior. Our curricula include differentiated instruction, focused assessments, and skills-based practice sessions. And we begin at the end – with focused evaluations – so that we can measure learning and outcomes three, six, or twelve months down the road.


Curricula for Live or Online Learning Experiences

NACC is on the cutting edge of both live instruction and e-learning. When NACC builds you a curriculum, you own it. This is part of our mission to improve the quality of legal representation for children. By owning the curriculum your training program becomes sustainable, and you can deliver the training over and over again without the cost of bringing in outside experts. Each live training curriculum includes:

  • Training Facilitation Guide: A step-by-step instruction book written with the instructor in mind and designed so that anyone can pick up the training and deliver it.Three or more years practicing law

  • Faculty Resources:Answer keys, explanatory charts, presentation slides, instructions for interactive sessions, and trainer tips will make training delivery seamless and consistent.

  • Handouts:Your curriculum will include everything a trainee needs to engage the course in a meaningful way.

  • Pre and Post Test Assessment:Every curriculum comes with a pre-training diagnostic test and a post-training assessment designed to measure leaning from the beginning to the end of the training.

Ready to see a sample of an NACC curriculum? Click here.


Our curriculum designers understand that the online platform is a unique pedagogical environment. We’ll maximize the e-learning experience using webinars, live Q&A, virtual collaboration rooms, and breakout sessions; and we’ll avoid stuffing traditional teaching methods into an online format. Live and online trainings should work hand in hand. Ask us how we can help you design enduring and powerful curricula for live and online trainings in child welfare law.


Learning Acquisition

Every course should include a method to measure learning acquisition. NACC trainings teach to all learning modalities, and include evaluations to determine whether learners acquire the knowledge or skill taught in the class. Our trained educator-attorneys know how to craft assessments that measure actual learning, identify gaps in trainee knowledge, and fill those gaps using effective teaching strategies.


Behavior Change

Any good training program needs to be results driven. Our child law training curricula are designed to include strategies for inducing and measuring behavior change beyond the day of delivery. We keep improved practice at the forefront of what we do, and we insist that our curricula include ways to trigger changes in practice, not just pass on knowledge. Delivering legal training is not good enough. It needs to change the way we behave.


Measuring Results

Every NACC training is structured around measurable learning objectives. To that end, we have developed the NACC Evaluation Toolkit. The Evaluation Toolkit is an easy-to-use data collection system designed with one thing in mind: determining whether or not the training worked. You can deploy the Toolkit yourself, or NACC staff can help you collect data in your jurisdiction. Either way, you’re able to track the changes resulting from the training and generate reports about training efficacy. Together we can do more of what works, and stop doing what doesn’t.


Ready to Make a Change?

Education is a distinct subject matter that requires formal study and practice. Asking a lawyer untrained in pedagogy to teach a course is like asking an educator untrained in the law to litigate a case. It shouldn’t happen, and it rarely works. NACC uses its attorney-educators to design custom curricula for state agencies, law firms, universities, and entities operating anywhere children and the law intersect. We’ll work with you to develop an engaging training program rooted in measurable outcomes. Contact us at for more information.

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