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COVID-19 Resource Hub

Youth and families experiencing the child welfare system are uniquely vulnerable to the impact and ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Caregiver health, placement changes, school closures, court delays and more present new and emerging considerations for advocates to swiftly assess and address.  See this message from NACC's Executive Director on our responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.   NACC is collecting and sharing resources here to keep our community informed and prepared to safeguard the rights and well-being of young people. Please email to share additional resources for posting here.  Thank you!


NACC Materials

A Joint Statement on Child Welfare Courts During a Public Health Crisis

NACC Tip Sheet: COVID-19 Economic Impact Payments: FAQs for Child Welfare Attorneys

NACC Tip Sheet: Advocacy and Child's Attorney-Client Relationships During COVID-19

NACC Webinar: Trauma-Responsive Skills for Lawyers During COVID-19

NACC Webinar: Zealous Advocacy During COVID-19: Practical Tips and Best Practices

NACC Webinar: Advocacy for Youth in Congregate Care during COVID-19

NACC Webinar: Meaningful Youth Engagement in a Virtual World

Children's Law Podcast on COVID-19 featuring Kristen Pisani-Jacques, JD, NACC's Training Director

Testimony Before the Vermont House Committee on Human Services_April 2020 by Allison Green, JD, CWLS, NACC's Legal Director

March 26 COVID-19 NACC Membership Call Notes

Federal Communication and Guidance

ACF Program Instruction (ACYF-CB-PI-20-10): Stafford Act Flexibility for Certain Title IV-E Requirements

ACF and HRSA Joint Letter re Family Strengthening and Virtual Primary Prevention (May 28, 2020)

ACF Program Instruction (ACYF-CB-PI-20-11): CARES Act Funding

April 10, 2020 Letter from Associate Commissioner Milner re: Title IV-E and NYTD reviews 

April 14, 2020 Letter from Associate Commissioner Milner re: CIPs

April 15, 2020 Letter from Associate Commissioner Milner re: Fingerprinting and Caseworker Visit Requirements 

April 17, 2020 Letter from Associate Commissioner Milner re: Funding for Cell Phones and PPE

April 17, 2020 Letter from Associate Commissioner Milner re: Child Welfare Workers as First Responders

April 27, 2020 Letter from Associate Commissioner Milner re: Title IV-E Funding

May 11, 2020 Children's Bureau Program Instruction re: Flexibility for Title IV-E Requirements Related to Extended Title IV-E Eligibility, Licensing, and Foster Care Payments

Centers for Disease Control Interim Guidance on Congregate Care Facilities

Child Welfare Policy Manual Revised Q/A 7.3 #8

COVID-19 Resources from the Children's Bureau

June 23, 2020 Letter from Associate Commissioner Milner re TPR and Adoption Assistance

March 12, 2020 Letter from Commissioner Darling, Administration on Children, Youth, and Families

March 12, 2020 Message from Associate Commissioner Milner, Children's Bureau, re: Youth on College Campuses

March, 18 2020 Letter from Associate Commissioner Milner, Children's Bureau, re: Caseworker Visits and CFSR Program Improvement Plans, Title IV-E Eligibility Reviews, Child Abuse and Neglect Investigations and Timelines

March 27, 2020 Letter from Associate Commissioner Milner re: Child Welfare Court Deadlines, Safety, and Due Process

March 27, 2020 Letter Attachment re: no cost or low cost technology options

Questions and Answers on Providing services to Children with Disabilities during the Coronavirus Disease Outbreak, USDOE, March 12, 2020

Select Resources from the CDC and Children’s Bureau

What the Children’s Bureau Wants Parents to Know About Their Rights During the Pandemic

Tip Sheets for Attorneys


Active Efforts in ICWA Cases During the Pandemic

Advocating for Special Education Services during COVID-19 (ABA)

Advocating for Kinship Placement during the COVID-19 Pandemic (ABA)

Are Special Education Services Required in the Time of COVID-19? (ABA)

Best Practices for Supporting the Class of 2020

Checklist for Client Check-Ins (Committee for Public Counsel Services)

Child Welfare Safety Assessment and Planning During COVID-19 and Physical Distancing

Colorado Office of the Child Representative’s COVID-19 Guidelines

Courtroom Questions to Address Education During COVID-19 (Legal Center for Foster Care and Education)

Florida Youth Shine Loss of Income Tip Sheet

Florida Youth Shine Reemployment Assistance Tip Sheet

Florida Youth Shine: Responding to COVID-19 for Youth in Florida

I NEED MY MONEY FAST! Economic Stimulus Payments Tips

Juvenile Law Center, SchoolHouse Connection, and The Hope Center, on COVID-19 Response for Students Who are Homeless or With Experience in Foster Care

MA Congregate Care Tip Sheet

NACC: Advocacy and Child's Attorney-Client Relationships during COVID-19: A Tip Sheet

Privacy Considerations for Remote Client Conversations (ABA)

Privacy and Confidentiality Tips for Virtual Hearings (ABA)

Tips for Preparing Youth for Virtual Hearings

Tips to Ensure Your Child Clients Have Access to Technology (ABA)

Tips for lawyers and advocates working in foster care who are in college

Emergency Plan for Transition Age Youth (Philadelphia)

YLC QPI resource series

Youth Law Center: Making an Emergency Plan with Youth in Congregate Care in California: A Toolkit for Dependency Attorneys, Youth Providers, and Advocates

Youth Law Center: Making an Emergency Plan with Transition Age in Foster Care: A Checklist for Dependency Attorneys, Youth Providers, and Advocates


Talking to and Working With Youth During COVID-19

CDC Guidance on Talking to Children About COVID-19

Child Mind Institute’s Article on Talking to Kids about the Coronavirus

Colorado OCR’s COVID-19 Facts for Kids

COVIBOOK (resource for children under age 7)

COVID-19 Guide for Families with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Yale)

COVID-19 Impact: Poll of Transition Age Youth

Executive Orders and Administrative Policies Supporting Older Youth In and Leaving Foster Care in Response to COVID-19

Experiences of Foster Youth During COVID-19 (Field Center)

Foster Club Survey

Fostering Inequity: How COVID-19 Amplifies Dangers for LGBTQ+ Youth in Care

Helping Children Cope with Changes Resulting From COVID-19

Helping Kids Cope While Sheltering in Place (AACAP)

How to promote children’s resilience to the COVID-19 pandemic

How to Sustain Youth & Family Well-being in the Juvenile Justice System during the COVID-19 Crisis

National Coronavirus Resources for Current/Former Foster Youth (National Foster Youth Institute)

A New Deal for Transition Age Foster Youth in California: A Policy Roadmap for Ensuring a Resilient Recovery After COVID-19 (Youth Law Center)

NPR’s Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus

Older Youth Advocacy

Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope

Resources for Supporting Children's Emotion Well-Being during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Resources for Youth (Youth Villages)

Supporting Grieving Children and Teens in Foster Care During COVID-19

Talking to Teens about Social Distancing

Think of Us Child Welfare COVID-19 Command Center: Resources for Foster Youth and Agencies

Tips for Talking with Children during Infectious Disease Outbreaks

UNICEF - How to Talk to your child about coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

8 Ways Parents Can Help Their Children Understand Physical Distancing


Sample Pleadings and Affidavits

Affidavit Regarding Congregate Care (MA)

Affidavit Regarding Family Time 1 (CA)

Affidavit Regarding Family Time 2 (CA)

Affidavit Regarding Family Time (Cook County)

Complaint to Restore In-Person Visits (MA)

Emergency Motion to Place Child out of Congregate Care (MA)

Family Time Complaint (Cook County)

Motion for In-Person Family Time: Sample Language

Motion for TPO and Injunction re Family Time (Cook County)

Motion to Reconsider Non-Emergency Hearings (WA)

Sample Attorney Letter to Move Youth from Congregate Care (MA)

Sample Child’s Attorney Letter to Agency re Visitation (Committee for Public Counsel Services)

Sample Email from Child’s Attorney to Congregate Care Facility (MA)

Sample Motion to Resume Visitation

Sample Motion to Reinstate Parenting Time

Sample Motion to Return from Congregate Care (PA)

Support for Video Contact between Parents and Children


Health and Self-Care

Care for Your Coronavirus Anxiety

Centers for Disease Control Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Centers for Disease Control Guidance on Disinfecting Your Home

Centers for Disease Control Guidance on Managing Mental Health

Centers for Disease Control Manage Anxiety and Stress, Coronavirus Disease 2019

Centers for Disease Control Workplace, School, and Home Guidance

Coronavirus: Wisdom from a Social Justice Lens

COVID-19 Pandemic (WHO)

COVID-19: Quick Resilience: A Weekly Dose of Self-Care for Immediate Relief (Webinar)

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Telehealth can help Connect Home Visiting Services to Families

Guidance for Children and Families Involved with the Child Welfare System During the COVID-19 Pandemic (AAP)

How to Cope with Sheltering in Place

NCJFCJ's Monday Morning Moments

Update on Access to Health Care for Immigrants and Their Families

World Health Organization - Mental Health and Psychosocial Considerations During COVID-19 Outbreak

7 Science-based Strategies to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety


Tech Resources

Are There Programs Available to Help Make Internet Service More Affordable?

At-Home Education and Learning Resources for Foster Youth During COVID-19 (ABA)

Conducting Effective Remote Hearings in Child Welfare Cases (CBCC)

Court-Focused Technology Platform Comparison Guide (NCJFCJ)

Long Distance Activities for Parents

Parent Tip Sheet for Video Visits

Practice Tips_Videoconferencing&Telephonic Participation (Committee for Public Counsel Services)

Strategic Issues to Consider when Starting Virtual Hearings (Joint Technology Committee)

Successful Video Visits for Young Children

Top Ten Tips to Engage Children When Video Calling (CASA/Prevent Child Abuse America)

Using the Media Effectively with Young Children and Virtual Visitation (Youth Law Center)

Using Tech to Keep Kids & Families Connected

Video Conferencing Configurations (NCSC)

Virtual Meetings in Child Welfare (CBCC)

Virtual Visitation Guidelines (AZ Dept. of Child Safety)

Virtual Visits Recommendations

Virtual Visits Resources

Zoom Virtual Hearings Training (Texas)


Resource Links

ABA Webinar: COVID-19 and Child Welfare Cases

A Guide to Each State's CLE Changes Amid COVID-19

American Bar Association MCLE Rules Changes

American Bar Association Resources for Children’s Lawyers During a National Emergency 

American Academy of Pediatrics 2019 Novel Coronavirus Information

Birth Parent National Network COVID-19 Resources

CARES Act and  Grandfamilies

CDC Recommendations for Shared and Congregate Housing

Child Welfare Funding Updates in Response to the COVID-19 Emergency

Child Welfare League of America: Information, News, and Resources

Child Welfare during the COVID-19 Emergency (Public Consulting Group)

Children's Bureau Disaster Planning for Child Welfare Agencies

Children’s Defense Fund COVID-19 Resource Center


Coronavirus Resources for Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare (Georgetown University)

COVID-19 - Racial Equity & Social Justice Resources

COVID-19 and the Child Welfare System

COVID-19 Media Guidance for Civil Justice Advocates

COVID-19 State Child Welfare and Related Health Resources

COVID-19 Information by Language

Family Centered Treatment COVID-19 Resources Page

Family Justice Initiative: COVID-19 Legal Tools

Foster Care Alumni of America: COVID-19 Links for Youth

FosterClub Coronavirus Emergency Info for young people in and from foster care

Fostering Support Resource Links for Youth Impacted by Campus Closures

Generations United Fact Sheet for Grandfamilies and Multigenerational Families

Guide for Grandfamily Caregivers on COVID-19 Stimulus Moneys

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

Johns Hopkins Medicine Coronavirus Updates

Kinship Caregiver Resources

Learning for Students with Disabilities in the Time of COVID-19 (ABA Webinar)

Maintaining Family Connections During COVID-19

National Center for State Courts Pandemic Webpage

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges COVID-19 Updates and Resources

National Juvenile Defender Center Defender App

National Juvenile Justice Network: Resources Compiled Regarding COVID-19 and Vulnerable Populations

NCSL COVID-19 Resources by State

NICWA COVID-19 Resources

NJDC Remote Hearings Guidance

Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with the Coronavirus Disease 2019

Prevent Child Abuse America - Coronavirus Resources 

Resources to Support Youth and Families During the Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak

Summary of COVID-19 Survey Responses (National Indian Health Board)

Support Your Youth Advocates During a National Emergency 

Tackling Coronavirus (COVID-19) Together: Resources for Families ( Abriendo Puertas /Opening Doors)

The Risk of Hidden Foster Care During COVID-19

Youth Law Center’s COVID-19 Resource Page

Zero to Three's Tips For Families


Select Court and State Protocols/Orders

Note: NACC is not endorsing samples below, but providing a space for information sharing

Alabama Court Protocols

California DSS Guidance Regarding Extended Foster Care Program Flexibilities due to COVID-19 Impacts

California DSS Emergency Placement and Rate Flexibilities due to COVID-19 Impacts 

California DSS Verification of Foster Care Status to Facilitate Foster Youth Access to Cell Phones

California DSS Guidance for the Resource Family Approval (RFA) Program due to COVID-19 Impacts

Kentucky Court Protocols

Louisiana Supreme Court Guidance

Los Angeles Superior Court Juvenile Division COVID-19 Policy

Maryland Court Protocols

Minnesota Administrative Order

Minnesota Case Priorities List

Missouri Court Protocols

New Jersey COVID-19 Court Operations

New Jersey Court Protocols

New Mexico Court Protocols

Rhode Island Executive Order re Aging Out Youth

Washington, DC Court Protocols

Washington, DC Hearing Protocols

Washington State Emergency Order_Dependency Court

Washington State Emergency Order_Family Court

Washington King County Court Protocols

Washington King County Step Down Plan (Updated)


Related News

ABA Task Force on Legal Needs Arising Out of the 2020 Pandemic 

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Coronavirus Could Cost Parents Custody of Kids in Foster Care

Coronavirus, Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice: A Running Thread

Coronavirus in juvenile detention is a 'nightmare scenario,' doctors and advocates say

Coronavirus is Isolating Some Kids in Protective Care from Parents and Services

Coronavirus Leaves Foster Children with Nowhere to Go

Coronavirus: What Child Welfare Systems Need to Think About

Coronavirus Changes are Everyday Life in Foster Care

Coronavirus Cases Near 100 for Youth in California Residential Facilities

COVID-19 rules threaten parents’ bonds with their kids in foster careDelays, despair as coronavirus pandemic halts family reunification hearings for foster children

During Pandemic, New York and Los Angeles Take Different Paths on Family Visits

During Coronavirus, High-Quality Legal Representation Can Be a Lifesaver for Families

Experts see no proof of surge in child abuse amid pandemic

From Nevada: The Impact of the COVID crisis on Foster Youth

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Illinois DCFS visitation ban may cause lasting harm

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Is Child Abuse Really Rising During the Pandemic?

Life after foster care was already tough. Now these Texans are facing the coronavirus pandemic, too.

New York City Scrambles for Staffing Amid Pandemic

Parents of Foster Children Lose what Keeps them Connected: In-Person Visits

Parents Sue DCF For Restricting Child Visitations During Pandemic

Public Defender Fights Blanket Ban on Supervised Family Visits

The Chronicle of Social Change’s Coverage of Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice in a Time of Pandemic

Top Federal Child Welfare Officials: Family is a Compelling Reason

Virtual Hearings Put Children, Abuse Victims at Ease in Court

When Child Welfare Cases Police Women in Their Homes

When Video Chat is the Only Thing Holding Your Family Together

Why the Drop in Child Welfare Reports Might Be a Good Sign

Young people aging out of foster care face added burden amid pandemic

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