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Welcome to the NACC

In today’s world millions of children are the subjects of judicial proceedings each year. They are involved in the court system as victims of abuse and neglect, as juvenile offenders, as subjects of custody, visitation and adoption proceedings, and as participants in civil damages litigation.
The National Association of Counsel for Children’s mission is to improve the lives of children and families by ensuring that these proceedings produce justice. Specifically, our mission is to:
  • Strengthen the Delivery of Legal Services for Children
  • Enhance the Quality of Legal Services Affecting Children
  • Improve Courts and Agencies Serving Children
  • Advance the Rights and Interests of Children
The adversarial system works best when all interested parties are competently represented. The NACC’s goal is to make certain the attorneys representing children and families are well trained and effective.  Children’s welfare is achieved in the legal system by advocates who engage in both case and policy advocacy. The NACC believes advocates must not only represent their clients well each day, they must also work to improve the system.
We are dedicated to providing advocates with the tools to empower their clients through effective representation and improve the child welfare, juvenile justice and private custody systems.
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